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5 Reason Why Google Allo Will Kill WhatsApp | Google Allo Review

Nowadays almost all peoples are using the messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Viber, etc. All of them have millions of users across the world. The best thing is, the Google has also taken a part in this market. It has launched a smart, safe & more personalized messaging app named "Allo" which was first announced by Google during its annual I/O event a few months ago this year. It has more secured features, end-to-end encryption, voice messages, sticker packs & a unique feature called Google Assistance which makes it different from all other messaging apps. So let's check out what it is? & how it differs from other messaging apps?
Google Allo 5 Reason Why Allo Will Kill WhatsApp
Google Allo 5 Reason Why Allo Will Kill WhatsApp

About Google Allo

The process to sign up on Allo is so simple like you did on WhatsApp. Download from google play, install, give your mobile no. & start messaging on Allo. You can attach your Gmail with this app.

Allo is just like other messaging apps where you can chat, share photos, & videos; also you can add sticker packs like Viber. Google developers have made it more user-friendly as they always do.

Google Assistant is always there in Allo for any kind of assistance so that you don't have to exit the app to find something more elsewhere. It has everything for you there in its court. It gives quick & smart replies containing the words you may want to send the next. You can express yourself with sticker packs, an Ink feature to share photos along with a draw option, shout/whisper to enable you to choose the size of the text.

5 Reason Why Allo Will Kill WhatsApp

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an inbuilt chat friendly version of Google. Don't forget it is a preview edition right now, so you may find some system error. It is everywhere in the Allo to assist the user. By typing "@google" in Allo, any time you can have a call to Google Assistant. You can call in private as well as while chatting with your friends. If you want to know something, be free to ask the Assistant it will answer you in a best possible way & if you are enjoying it keep asking then, don't bother it is always there for your assistance.

Let me give you an example, I was bored & wanted to have some fun. I asked Google Assistant to help me have some fun, it replied with "bored?" "I can find funny pictures, videos, jokes" "And funny games too." Then I asked about funny jokes, and it replied me a joke, "How is this?" "What do you call an empty jar of cheese wiz? "Cheese was!" Then I asked to send me one joke daily & it replied me another joke. Seriously you can enjoy messaging on Allo. You can play with it, like hide-&-seek by asking questions & it will entertain you with its impressive replies.

2. Ongoing Searches

You can ask it about everything like movies, games. Not only this Google Assistant helps you every possible way, suppose if you are dating someone for the first time & wanted to find a coffee shop near you to offer your date a nice cup of coffee. Just type "@google" in chat & then type "coffee shops near me." It will reply with a list of coffee shops nearer to you. So you can call there & book a table for two. It also gives the quick intro & quick info about the coffee shops /restaurants. Also, it enables you to copy the information from the bottom window which you can easily share with your friends.

If you are going to bed & wish it a good night, it replies "see you later" Also you are provided with a thumb up & thumb down emoji right after the assistant answers your questions. If you think it has done a bit for you, then you can hit the thumb up button & if you haven't hit thumb down button ultimately to say it do better next time. As Sundar Pichai - Google CEO said it is a two-way communication.

3. Smart Reply

The next smart feature in Allo is its Smart Reply. It doesn't matter whether you are chatting with your friends or with Google Assistant, it shows you smart replies depending upon what you are about to say next.

Let me clear this with an example; my friend wished me 'hiii' & when I about replied her 'hiii' it suggested me it's replies like "hi how are you," "I miss you." Isn't it an awesome? Yes, it is. Because, guess if you are chatting with someone for the first time & don't understand what to reply? Then don't worry Allo will surely help you.

4. Advanced Text Formating

You can add more delight & fun to your conversation with shout/whisper option. If you have something special to say & want to express more than typing in all caps. So here you can make use of 'Shout' option, just type your message, hold on the send key and drag upward. It increases the text size which is something special to express like it shouts in your ears. Similarly, you can make use of 'Whisper' by dragging down the send key to say something quietly.

5. New Chatting Stickers & Encryption

Expressing yourself with a sticker is far more better than with text because someone can easily understand your emotions. You can get a sticker from Sticker packs which are designed by different artists from all over the globe. Press the '+' sign on left in chat window & then press the sticker icon at the bottom. Now select the sticker you want to share. Click on 'add sticker button' to download more stickers.

Instead of sending a sticker someone may think about sharing their own photo. And guess if you got the authority to add some text on it or draw on something then it would an added advantage. So don't mind it as it's possible with Google's new Ink feature. You can add text or draw something on your photo. First select the photo you want to share & click on the pencil button which appears before clicking on the send key. Add your feelings with doodles & text to your photo & press the send key and it's done.

Allo allows chatting in an incognito mode where you can make use of valuable features like expiring chats & private notifications. Also, all your messages in incognito mode are end-to-end encrypted.

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