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15 Quick Things You Need To Consider Before Buying RIGHT Smartphone [2016]

You were planning from a long time then finally you have decided to buy a new smartphone, Great! This is one of the tricky and hard task these days as there are lots of variety smartphones are available in the market and still coming on every month. What features to look for when buying a smartphone? To answer this; this article helps you but stop searching for most important smartphone factors or points to consider before the purchase of a smartphone. Smartphone Buying Guide: There are lots of different things & factors which you need to know before buying a new smartphone, but here we have listed few but most important quick tips and those things you must consider to check carefully. Don't forget these things to remember while buying a smartphone.
15 Quick Things You Need To Consider Before Buying RIGHT SMARTPHONE
15 Quick Things You Need To Consider Before Buying RIGHT SMARTPHONE
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15 Quick Tips & Factors To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone

While buying a smartphone the key thing is the purpose for what you are buying it [play games, watching videos, listening music, etc.] according to that you should have a look at following points,

1. Budget

Yeah, the budget is one of an important factor, but it should not compromise with the quality of the product. But one more thing I want to underline that if you want to buy a satisfactory smartphone for all your needs; your budget may have a bit more flexibility.

2. Operating System

Both Android, iOS or Windows are most preferred operating systems in the market. The Marshmallow is the most recent stable Android OS that supports fingerprint authentication, better battery life & offers pay option. In addition to this, the latest Android N-version Nougat has better multitasking & multi windows ability. All the iPhones have iOS which are most sophisticated look and have a variety of features compared to Android. Windows are still evolving so better to choose an Android version of OS as because of customization and better flexibility in apps.

3. RAM & Processor

If you want to buy a mobile especially for browsing intent like for Facebook & WhatsApp like apps then a mobile with 512MB RAM & dual core processor is fine but for more functionality, you should have at least 2GB RAM and processor like Quad-core, Octa-core, or recently released Snapdragon 810 & 820. A smartphone with Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM has great speed for games and has improved multitasking ability.

4. Storage capacity

In today's generation of HD & 4k videos you need to have more internal as well as expandable external storage feature and it is the reason why the smartphones come with 16GB/32GB space. The internal storage capacity along with expandable up to 64GB or even 128GB are the preferable mobile devices. Most of the iPhones have min. 16GB internal storage & do not have a place for external storage which resists expanding storage capacity. Whereas on the other hand, Android phones come with a special slot for external SD card having memory expandable even up to 128GB that you can go depending upon your need.

5. Battery Backup

Minimum 8 hours battery backup is essential. Battery endurance is basically much more important when you play high-resolution games or watch HD/4k videos on mobile. The battery capacity should be of 2000/3000 mAh.

6. Camera

Wanna takes selfies. Oh for such a reason a smartphone must have 8MP/13MP camera. But if you are not interested in taking photos and/or shooting videos regularly and looking only for other necessary features then 5MP camera is often useful. Moreover, iPhone 6s & 6s plus have a f/2.2 aperture which is higher than some Android phones as they have f/1.7 aperture getting their dual pixel camera to exert quick and fast autofocus action & to take outstanding photos.

7. Carrier

Nowadays most of all smartphones come with GSM slots which give flexibility and is good network carrier, but on the other hand, CDMA phone have better voice quality and have more affordable plans for the particular carrier, but those phones run with CDMA cards only. [UPDATE 2016: CDMA support is stopped in India]

8. Internet [Wifi, 2G/3G/4G]

Your smartphone must have a Wi-Fi connectivity. For better, faster internet surfing, it should be a 3G/4G feature. The 4G LTE will give the best speedy experience for all your downloading need.

9. Weight

Sometimes you may want to have a light-weight mobile or heavy mobile, but that doesn't interfere with quality of the product.

10. Screen Size

Most suitable and an average size of the screen size is 5.3". Tablets have larger screen size, so they are useful for multitasking work, playing higher games, watching HD videos, but due to their large size they are difficult to handle with one hand & gets problematic to carry. Therefore a display ranging from 4.5 to 5.3 inch is compatible.

11. Resolution

For better picture quality the screen resolution should be 720p & for best experience 1280x720. Best selling iPhone screens are still running by the maximum of 1929x1080. Comparatively, Android phones have acquired more resolution than this. Samsung A8 comes with 2560x1440 whereas Sony Experia Z5 have 4k (3840x2160) resolution.

12. Connection to USB Pendrives or TV

The smartphone should have a connectivity slot to connect pen drives so that you can watch & enjoy the videos & photos stored on it. That can help to save space on phone & SD card. It should get connected to the TV also in an easy way.

13. Apps Compatibility

Most of the time, it is seen that interest stick with new mobile for just one month or more, and then people used to use it with a daily routine. But the apps compatibility keeps your interest for a long time. Android has the biggest market having millions of apps compared with Windows, iOS or BlackBerry app store. A variety of apps makes you try new things and discover hidden features of your smartphone.

14. Brand Matters More than Features

I have seen lots of goes with features that have less cost, but they forget about the BRAND which has durability and after service. Always try to stick with branded smartphones. The unbranded smartphones overview may attract you but after some time laps, they may let you pay more than the cost of your mobile.

15. Online Reviews & Offline Demo

Take or check reviews before buying a smartphone and do not forget to test the quality. [e.g., camera, video quality].

You can save money by buying an Android phone in comparison with iPhone as they have somewhat same features in respective categories. So while buying a smartphone, you must have a closer look at all the above suggestions. I can bet these will surely help you getting a smartphone of your use.

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