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10 Hidden Features of Android Phone You Must Know

These days Android smartphones are used by millions of people all over the world, but how many of us know the little tricks and hidden features they are capable of? Do you notice that your Android device has a "developer options" feature hidden somewhere? There are many things you can do on your Android phone.

Well, there are a variety of settings and user friedly options, some of them are quite secure than others. Here are TOP 10 hidden tips and tricks for your Android smartphone. You can squeeze so many things in Android; you probably haven't even bothered opening up the Accessibility settings. These features are built to save you money, speed up processor and boost your device even faster as possible. These are the best hidden features on your Android smartphone go throught these features to know your Android phone to the fullest to enhance their usability with numerous new features.
10 Hidden Features of Android Phones You Must Know
10 Hidden Features of Android Phones You Must Know
Last time we have seen; Facebook Launching a New Commenting Feature and today we are going to see to know much about your Android device.


Even though, many Android phone users are not aware about these hidden features, they are using their smartphones for most of the times but they need to be that much smart enough. And that is why I have listed unknown and cool Android features to make you smart.

1. Don't keep background activities:

This is one the best and helpful feature that are hardly known to us. This feature help to force stop background running apps as these apps draining the RAM of your device even you are not using them.
For this, go to setting >> general >> developer option >> Limit background process. By default its value is set to Standard limit, change it as per your requirement, suggestion is to keep 2.

2. Data usage:

This one is mostly used to show how much internet data have been used. By using this, you can avoid excess internet data usage.
For this, go to settings >> data usage and adjust as per the plan you are on. Here you will see, two conditions, one is for warning to give notification if data limit is reached and another one is to stop.

3. Silent the call ring:

Once you get the phone call, there may be the situation you want to put the phone silent ASAP, yes we have that option. For incoming calls there is by default only two options, one is green and other is red for reject. While getting the incoming ring, you can press volume buttons for silent the call ring. Try it.

4. Mock Location:

This feature will help you to change your current location. GPS is there to tell the actual location of your device, but once you check the Mock location you can set your location as per you want.
For this, go to setting >> general >> developer option >> Allow mock location. Warning: in case, if you checked this feature and if you lost your mobile, you will then not able to track its location.

5. Restrict data usage:

If you are willing to prevent some apps to not to use your data then, this feature is made for you. By this feature, you are able to restrict internet use by the apps you set.
For this, go to setting >> data usage >> menu >> restrict background data >> check apps then choose. This feature will help you save cost of internet bill.

6. Custom Fonts:

Here you can change the font of your device as per you want. You can find lots of fonts on store.
For this, go to settings >> Device >> font and choose as you want. 

7. Boost Graphics:

This feature will help you for fast graphics process on your device by GPU rendering. Moreover, it will help faster and smooth experience while playing games on your mobile.
For this, go to setting >> developer option >> force GPU rendering option under the drawing section. Note that, it may cause drain more battery.

8 Turn off animations:

Animations give a perfect visual effect in your mobile. Animation uses too much RAM space and may cause hanging.
To turn off, go to setting >> developer options >> navigate to drawing section, turn off the following options, 1. Windows animation scale, 2. Transition animation scale, 3. Animator duration scale.

9. Text to speech:

Text-to-speech is mostly used in case of driving mode. Once you enabled this mode, it will automatically read incoming messages. Moreover, this will also read caller's information as well as subject and sender information of new email received.
For enable, go to; settings >> language and input >> Text-to-speech option >> and then Enable driving mode i.e. hands free. If you are better listening to a speech, then you will download and install custom voice in your mobile.

10. Uptime:

This feature indicated the total time of the phone running.
For this feature, go to; settings>about phone>status. This feature also helps to find mac address, IP address, IMEI number, roaming status, etc. Moreover, you can check the battery usage graph by each app in Battery option.

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