Monday, July 11, 2011

New YouTube Looking Interface: Cosmic Panda

Videos and thumbnails are simpler on the displayed view. Buttons are more sensitive, plus you can do additionally channel adjustment.

Videos are arranged in contrast to a gloomy view to lesser the contrast among the page view and video content. Thumbnails are made greater, and on the playlists they displayed instantly subject to the performing video. Videos approaches in 3 sizes fairly than two and also in full-screen. In addition to the Like, Add to, and Share links are optically set-off starting the video controls.

It's a further rounded and sporty look, a little further chrome than Google's modern redesigned exploits, but
the brand new YouTube Cosmic Panda trial does carry the darker UI basics plus improved sense of Google+ to the video sharing service. This is more than a refreshed layer of colour. Nevertheless, handling the setting is a greatly interactive event at the present time, and you can carry on looking videos as you hunt moreover browse. 
Channel pages have also been totally renovated in the company of big pictures for each video, a couple of layout templates, and simpler to use customization alternatives.

New interface look:


Editing channel template:

For new look of YouTube, you have to follow only one important step:

Step 1: Go here -- Cosmic Panda:

Step 2: Click on Try it out

That’s it, you are in new YouTube interface.

Note: You can move to the past to the older model by going back to Cosmic Panda link with choosing to pass backward to the “older version.”

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