Friday, July 29, 2011

Get Old Facebook Chat Layout

We can’t view who are on-line. It will barely display our several friends who are we interact most. It will be mainly annoying and irritating one for who have more mates. It's truly easy script you have to install in your Web browser to get your Original Facebook chat. Let out's see how to obtain back our Favorite Facebook chats.

The recent chat sidebar that they pitched out newly is naturally a immense allow down feather. It’s formed to display the friends that you speak to all the time on the head, in spite of if they aren’t online. Plus to search if someone is online, you’ll have to carry out a hand-operated hunt.

If you don’t like new chat sidebar and need that old chat back, then you should obey this tutorial subject to get it back. This tutorial needs you to install a specific extension to get the old Facebook chat back. It’s objectively easy and requires a greasemonkey usercript that cuts off the new chat sidebar and returns to the older chat that we all love.

Get Old Facebook Chat Layout METHOD 1: BY SCRIPT

STEP 1: Find your browser...

Now you are ready to install user scripts in your browser. [Remember you need to restart Firefox browser].

STEP 2: Install user script:

Now Clear the cache and open the Facebook, go to your Facebook home page, and refresh.

Your old lovely chat layout is back....Hurrrrrey!!!

[Make sure the script is turned ON].

Get Old Facebook Chat Layout METHOD 2: ONLY BY A SINGLE ADDON

FB Chat Sidebar Disabler - This is very simple than above mention method.

NEW UPDATE [17 October, 2011]:
Go here and install new addon ver. 1.9 to Firefox... its working now.... Cheeers...

I am sure after installing this; you just jump on your chair...
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