Saturday, July 23, 2011

Facebook Launching a New Commenting Feature

Succeeding so many Google announcements, this time, it is Facebook. Google+ is going to be a larger foreboding than anybody in spite of predictable, of course involving Facebook. These days, Facebook is infecting defeated by Google+ in the GIFs you are mainly probable to be viewed in your Google+ Flow. Facebook is naturally sense the threat, and that’s why Facebook is promoting and appending features to it.

Facebook newly attached the video conversation feature:
 [Enable Facebook Video Chat].
Then they improved their chat column and began the new chat model. At present, another new aspect has been added, which is “embedding in comments." The characteristic was begun yesterday, and it was merged in all the profiles nearly instantly.

Facebook will automatically regain and put the related information of the link which you are going to comment in the same thread. Commentator no needs to close that tab in order to look the content of the commenting link. You can put any link like videos, photos etc...[as shown]
This recent characteristic until these days has got a crowd of regards from the Facebook users. Facebook is really aggravating to receive to the past in the framework and hit the risk of Google+ sooner it raises additionally. This feature would definitely be improved to Facebook to recover its brief defeat of popularity in the latest several weeks. All in all, this characteristic is truly good plus of course, handy for bloggers since if they need to evoke their blog link. The inserting would let them experience what the blog is about.

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