Thursday, July 7, 2011

Enable Facebook Video Chat

Facebook is practically declaring latest features nowadays, of which all three are clearly connected to Facebook chat.

Compose a Group Chat Immediately
Facebook also launching to Group Chats, which are one of our most-requested characteristics. Most likely, the most-requested point of the these features is the new group chat option, permitting Facebook users to chat not only by single friend but more friends. This is absolutely done by ticking on the new “Add friends to chat” switch in the chat window.

Carry Your Talks to Living
The other new feature is video calling in association with Skype. It is now conceivable to call friends with a tick on the Call button that is present on profiles and in chat windows. It is not clear yet if group video chats will be ready for use, but it looks as if it is express to one on one chat at this point. Video chats have got existed nearby for age now; however it's still not an ordinary action for the majority people. So a hardly any months ago, Facebook commenced routine with Skype to carry video calling to Facebook.
Facebook created it exact inside the chat, so all of your chats begin from the same position. To call your mate, just tick the Video Call Switch at the topmost of your conversation pane.

Video Calling will be rotated away to all Facebook users over the arrival weeks.
Note: Facebook advises Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.

Steps to activate:
1. Go to :

2. Click on Get Started.

3. A new Facebook video calling plug-in will start downloading.

4. Install it, and it will automatically setup with all the browsers of computer.

5. The same process has to be carried out by your desired friend in order to video chat successfully.

6. After this you are ready to start video calling on Facebook too....

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