Sunday, July 10, 2011

Combine Facebook into Google+

Now you can be able to get Facebook feed immediately into Google+.

The gadget is formulated by Crossrider. Crossrider states it acquired almost one day for its developers to produce the extension, which may illustrate some of the buggies. It's ready for use at present for both Firefox as well as Chrome, in addition to the download page claims Crossrider is functioning on a version for Microsoft Internet Explorer, however that integral safety problems stopped them from defending that web browser upon the primary release.

For pattern just look at the impression shown.

You have to follow 2 simple instructions for that;

Step 1: Install extension in your browser from the following link:
Google+Facebook extension

Step 2: Now restart your browser.

Thats it.

Note: Check your Google+ account. And then allow permission to fetch your Facebook feed directly into your Google+ account.

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