Monday, July 18, 2011

AnonPlus : New Social Networking Site

Yes this is new and upcoming social networking site in the future, with all new trends, technology, style. Google has reputedly prohibited or removed a few numbers of Unknown/Useless subscribers from Google+ [it's not precisely understandable how many accounts were close down].

The Hacktivist Group associated in the company of Google's activity to the tales of activist’s existence forbidden from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as administrations obstruction various internet sites employing Internet criticism gadgets.
As a effect, Anonymous has definite to invent its personal friendly Social Network:
Anonplus, sited at

At present, the site has got just been announced. At the bottom left, it expresses "Revision: 0.1 Alpha." While these digits are represented to show that the site is even so truly early in evolution, it's not a social network still. There is no path to sign up or engage. 

Now there is exactly single web page with the Anonplus title, the slogan "Social Networking Anonymously," and the headline "Welcome to the Anonymous Social Networking site."

This ambition is a random one since it digs with what anonymous is all about: infecting stuff settled anonymously. Even so, it is technically likely to create a social network that doesn't share anything through anyone, unless you particularly provide it approval to. In fact, Anonplus will very likely not support sharing data like your taken name as well as position. Either way, the objective acts to be to construct a social network where you can express and do anything you wish.

This is single social network that will not suffer being close down, deleted, or abused - in spite of in the features of the blackout...
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