Friday, July 1, 2011

Unlock Nokia E61i

Is it Legal to Unlock your Nokia E61i ?

Unlocking a mobile phone to allow it to use any sim is 100% legal, it is law that the networks allow you to be able to get your phone unlocked so that you have choice in choosing the network you wish to use. However Unblocking a phone is a completely ILLEGAL practice and we do not offer such a service for this. You can learn more about the differences here on our blocked or barred pages
Here unlock means RESET.

There are two methods in order to reset the Nokia E61i.

I. Soft Reset:
Press *#7370#
put the security code or reset code.
Generally it is 12345 or 00000  

II. Hard reset:

1. Switch off the phone.

2. Hold down the following three buttons: 'Green' (the call answer button), '*' button, and '3' button.
i.e. Green+*+3

3. While holding these buttons, hold the 'power' button for a second to switch on the phone.

4. Release when the phone shows the Nokia hands logo or shows other signs of life like the language selection screen.

That's it your phone is reset.
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