Friday, May 7, 2010

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Vinayak SP holds an MSc degree in Forensic Computing & Security from University of Derby, UK and has previously worked  as a Web Developer at Namesplace LLP, London.
Vinayak authors one of the popular ProKnowliz blog where he talks about Internet tricks, computer softwares, web applications etc.

He previously holds bachelors degree from D.Y.Patil College of Engg. Even he got degree in electronics he have more interest in computer mania.

His friends always said about him "he is totally mad about the Internet and computers", this is because he spent most of the time on Internet
. He started a blog because he love to create websites and blogger is the easier one to start with off.

About Me ProKnowliz

About ProKnowliz
ProKnowliz is a perfect place for all things Blogger related. Here you will find very useful stuff when it comes to creating, customizing and maintaining a blog, computer as well as Internet  This blog is for getting the better than best stuff with tested Funda for blog beginners & old master as well. This blog contains all new, latest & cool computer tricks, windows tips, Internet tweaks. Solve your problems by browsing entire blog for related solution. We will post the most useful tutorials to improve your skills and make you able to customize Blog in a way you would never imagine! That’s why the slogan "Always Try To Get Better...!"

All the contents of this blog are provided under a creative Commons License, which means that you can use the contents of this blog, on your posts, but you will have to provide a do-follow link to the respective post!.

ProKnowliz is like a resource blog for bloggers, offering hints, hacks, tips and tricks to help enhance your blogging experience. Use the label cloud and advanced powered search box for particular required information, or simply browse through my posts instead. If you are copying out some code from this blog which involves links to the files on my server, then make sure that you upload the files to any where, so that it doesn't have any references to my blog server. As because I learning, testing and providing more about blogging, Computer handling and boosting, fast Internet surfing, I'll share my knowledge here, and post instructions which are easy to understand for beginners and old masters also.

At ProKnowliz Blog, I recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Here at Privacy Policy is information on what types of personal information I receive and collect when you use and visit ProKnowliz Blog, and how I safeguard your information. I never sell your personal information to third parties.

If you are skilled person with even some tested knowledge, and want to join our team, please contact us with more information about you, and show us some examples of what you can do for this creation. If there are any specific questions associated to this blog or any post and you would like to be answered here, please leave your comments or contact me directly. Your comments and opinions and specifically suggestions are always appreciated! Please also read the Privacy Policy for details of how information is collected and used on this site.

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